How It Works?

We work with you to find the right sensing solution for your current challenge.

  • Evaluation Kit

    A comprehensive evaluation kit for sensors offering high sensitivity, reliability and selectivity.

    The kit will include the following items and our team will be happy to provide technical support.
    - Sensor unit and manual
    - Calibration & testing cap
    - Testing software
    - USB cable w/ AC adapter
    - Humidifier unit
    - Set of tube connectors
    Notes: Batteries are not included. By default, our evaluation models do not support wireless communication – if you require wireless connectivity and/or additional support, please get in touch.
  • Core Module

    Our core sensor module meets industry standards for embedded systems and is suitable for most industrial applications.
  • Sensor System

    Fully-assembled units, with wireless & battery support, ideal for stand-alone or network operation.
  • Aroma Analyzer

    Built using Calyx's proprietary technology, our Aroma Analyzer can be customized to sense complex gases based on unique aroma "fingerprints" in our AI Aroma Library.
For pricing, ordering, gases we currently support and/or any technical inquiries, please contact us.
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